Saturday, April 30, 2011

Check in

Thursday stats
calories in: 1116
Calories out: 1761
Daily deficit:645
Weekly total deficit: 5473

Friday stats
calories in: 1550
Calories out: 2836
Daily deficit: 1290
Weekly total deficit: 6763

Highlight of yesterday was my workout in the a.m. 30 minute warm up (dynamic warm up and some jogging) and 60 minutes of kickboxing and I burned a wopping 750 calories.... niiiiice.

Today I am planning out some meals for the next week, and I have to go buy a mouthguard. I am hoping to get enough courage to step into the boxing ring tomorrow and don the head gear and mouthguard and do a bit of sparring. I was going to do it last week but chickened out the last moment. lol

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday results- and my first pound lost

Yesterday's results
calories in: 1112
Calories out: 2658
Daily deficit:1546
Weekly total deficit: 4828

Well as of yesterday I have surpassed the 3500 calorie burned mark, which should make me down one pound. Since when I step in the scale my weight is down 4lbs I would assume that either 3 of those 4 lbs is water weight or the body bugg is totally inaccurate and I am burning way more calories than what it says I'm burning. No matter, I have been eating well, not really hungry at all, and I have not had a binge episode all week (or even thought about binging to be perfectly honest)

I'm still waiting for my binge eating books to arrive. I am looking forward to reading more about this. It would seem to me that I almost *want* to be able to label myself as a binge eater. I have been thinking about it and I think if I could put a label on myself, admit that I have an illness called binge eating, it would free me from the shame, guilt, and self loathing I have felt for not being able to lose weight. I don't even know if that makes much sense, but I am going to figure this out. I've said it before, this is the missing link to becoming a healthy weight, I am going to get there (and stay there this time)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daily results - and an update

Yesterday's results
calories in: 1668
Calories out: 2063
Daily deficit: 395
Weekly total deficit: 3282

Today was a good workout day. 90 minutes first thing this morning, and then 30 minutes tonight - calorie burn should be around 2700 which is pretty much on track with what I'm looking for.

I am feeling a bit tired today though. I will get to the gym tomorrow and do a bit of a walk and then hit the pool for a 30 minute swim. Focus, Focus, Focus.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Daily track

Yesterday's results
calories in: 1192
Calories out: 2596
Daily deficit:1404
Weekly total deficit: 2492

So by the end of today, my deficit will add up to a 1 lb weight loss. I think maybe I need to actually see the numbers in front of me, rather than the points system used for w.w. Hmmmm at least I am once again focused on weight loss.

Yesterday I (me who does not do veggies very well) made baby bok choy to go with my salmon and rice. I also roasted a butternut squash and had some of that too. Oh and I bought a new fruit (new to me)called a dragon fruit. It was really good!

I do feel like I am going through some withdrawal symtoms today though. I feel a bit tired, have a massive headache and just feeling achy all over. I hope this is from the sugar withdrawal.

I didn't make it to the gym this morning, but I will try to get in there tonight to at least walk on the treadmill. My body is sore from TRX training yesterday, and tomorrow I will be doing circuit training, and my very first spin class tomorrow night.(thanks for the little nudge Tanya!)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Switching gears a bit

Yesterday's results
calories in: 1140
Calories out: 2228
Daily deficit"1088
Weekly total deficit:1088

I have been spinning my wheels for quite some time now and decided to cancel my w.w. memebership. I have been doling out $50.00 a month and haven't been to a class in months nor have I been using the on-line tracker.

I am going to try an simplify things and see where that takes me. I have joined the Live Strong site, which has a great format for tracking food and exercise and I also pulled out my body bugg again to track calories burned. I am simply tracking calories in vs calories out and see if I can get my weight loss started again.

I've also done some research into binge eating disorder and ordered some books that deal with this, so I hope to put into words some thoughts about this once I start reading.

I know there is a way to break through whatever barrier is keeping me from losing weight, I just need to figure it out already...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Self doubt, PMS and some awesome news

So today is Friday which has become my favourite day of the week. Not only is it the final day of the work week but it is also BOXING DAY for me at the gym.

So today I arrived late, so did not have time to do my recomended 60 minutes of cardio prior to my Personal Training session. This was mistake #1. My trainer was pissed mainly because I was late on Wednesday as well and we didn't work out on Monday, so I have been lacking in the cardio department and he has worked very hard over the last month to increase my cardio.

Anyway we start our boxing session and he was unusually quiet today. I am thinking he was mad at me and all kinds of self doubt crept into my mind. Fear that I am failing him, letting him down - letting ME down. Now add to the mix the fact that I am PMS'ing and I generally don't get bitchy, I get weepy-lol. Fast forward to round three, I failed to keep my gloves in front of my face and BAM, I got punched in the nose. Now it hurt, but not that badly, but at that moment all my self doubt, fear of failure, and fear that I was just no good overwhelmed me and I broke out in tears. Finally, I pulled myself together and got back into it and finished the boxing portion of the session...

I hit the mats to finish my core training (sit up) session when my trainer was standing over me and said that I just completed my absolute BEST boxing session yet! WTF!!! ! I know there is a lesson buried in here somewhere but I have yet to figure out what it is.

Oh and the awesome news that next week is the grand re-opening of the gym that I go to. Thay have been renovating for about 6 mos now. My trainer asked me to come in next week for the grand opening as he wanted to "showcase" my kickboxing. I'm not quite sure what this will entail but I do know that I am pretty darn excited (and nervous) to go and fight in front of a group of random people..... Hopefully I will inspire someone to take a chance, to stand up to their fears and go for it.

"You either move toward something you love or away from something you fear. The first expands. The second constricts."

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drive by posting

Just wanted to document something new I did at the gym yesterday. My trainer promised it would make me feel really, strong. And it did. I started with a 5lb hand weight and basically what you do is start in a squat position and pull the weight up in the air, over your head, arm straight, while you go into a lunge position and then straighten up so that you are holding your arm(and the weight) straight up and standing straight up. I was struggling to get the motion down when I realized that the 5lb dumb bell was the problem.... was it too heavy????? Nope, it was light as a feather- lol That was a real eye opener for me.

So we increased the weight to 20 lbs and I did a set of 5 with each arm. Then increased the weight to 30lbs and did a set of 5 with each arm. THEN increased the weight to 35lbs and did a set of 5 with each arm. Over the next few weeks I will work my way up to 45lbs. That is just crazy (but in a good way). I will try and get some photos next week to add them to my blog.

Friday I box :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh what a difference a couple of years makes

Today I am going to try out a new gym with a friend of mine. Now this is a womans boxing club that is co-ed on the certain days, and my friend is one of the few men that take advantage of this. So I have been wanting to get down there for a while now and it seems today is the day. I have been boxing(and kickboxing) with my trainer once a week for pretty much the whole two years I have been training with him and realized that I am sort of in a comfort zone at my gym. I pretty much know all of the faces that are there and don't feel nervous in the least. This morning I sit here, feeling excited about going, a little bit nervous, which is natural, but not feeling that paralyzing fear that I used to feel.

Below is my blog entry from Jan 2009 when I walked into my gym for the first time. Going back and reading these entries, is always a reminder of how much I have changed. There is still lots of work to be done, but this after all a journey, not a race.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wild and Wonderful workout

WOW is all I can say.

Today I warmed up with a half hour of run/walk intervals, incline walking and then the stationary bike, followed by stretching. Then is was time to work.

I had two different fitness challenges to complete. the first was three sets that panned out like this:

- 80 squats, jump on a machine and do 50 pull ups, followed by 40 push downs, off the machine, grab the skipping rope and do 100 skips.

- 60 squats, 40 pull ups, 30 push downs, then 100 skips

- finally 40 squats, 30 pull ups, 20 push downs, then 100 skips

the next challenge was as follows;

- 60 sit ups, 100 skips
-40 sit ups, 80 skips
-20 sit ups, 60 skips
-10 sit ups, 40 skips

I was a big ball of sweat when I was done, completely exhausted, but at the same time I felt amazing and strong and athletic, and PROUD.

Friday I box :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

St Jacobs market

Spent the day at St. Jacobs market today. The weather is finally changing and it is getting warmer. It was nice to spend the day out with friends in the sunshine with lots of laughter. Exercise is going well. My arms and back and shoulders are tight today after an amazing boxing session yesterday. I am getting stronger, I can feel it. Food wise. I suck! nuff said.