Friday, December 30, 2011


I have basically used this week to set myself up to succeed in the New Year. So many times in the past, I make a resolution to start eating healthy (this has been on my list for years) and when January 1 hits, I am not prepared and the grocery stores are not open soooooo.....

Food is prepared, all healthy, low carb, low fat, but nutrient rich. I have eggs boiled and in the fridge for breakfast, and lots of choices for lunch and dinners, plus lots of veggies on hand to make salads. I am going out on NYE and plan on partying it up - there will be lots of drinking, lots of eating (after midnight the food comes out) and lots and lots of dancing (thanks to my West Indian roots, the soca will be blasting and the dance floor will be packed. I am going to go and just enjoy - celebrate the end of a fantastic year and look forward to 2012 being "MY YEAR" The last 3 years that I have been writing this blog, I have been changing my life bit by bit- I have worked very hard on working on my inside - confidence, attitude, self worth. I am content with who I am, and can say that if I never lost another pound, I would be happy with who I am.

I have become comfortable with the notion that I am an athlete. I currently weigh 240lbs and I know that with every pound I lose in the new year will make me that much more effective as an athlete. I have paid up my personal training until August and I will not be continuing after that point. The cost has put a huge dent in my finances and there are some things that I just need to spend that money on (the first being a new car- I am just praying that mine will take me through the winter)

Next year - 2012 -
- I WILL complete a 5k in 30 minutes or less

- I WILL compete a try a tri in less than 60 minutes

- I WILL complete a sprint triathlon (no time limits on this)

- I WILL get down to my goal weight (not sure what that is could be anywhere from 150 to 180 lbs)

Today, was boxing day at the gym. My trainer pushed me harder than he's ever pushed me before. My bodybugg calculated 900 calories burned in 1 hr 21 minutes. My body was pushed to the point where I thought I was going to vomit, and the entire time I just kept telling myself 2012 is your year- last chance- how bad do you want it..... I can tell you that I killed that workout..... I want it bad!!!!

Happy New Year-

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Today, I feel optimistic. Was back at the gym today for a great workout with my trainer. He has me doing sprints at 9mph which is no small feat for a 240lb woman :) In between running sets, I was on the stair climber doing 30 floor sets (x2)

I can honestly say that I had a blast at Christmas but I'm glad it's over and I can get back to some sort of routine. I've made a few recipes and will spend this week getting back on track and nourishing my body. The New Year will mark my actual start date.

I keep repeating to myself that I need to hang on tight, cause the next 8 mos is gonna be a crazy assed ride :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Active weekend.

So I went to my first kick boxing class yesterday. It was fantastic. There were six other women, all of which are advanced fighters. I believe at least 4 of the 6 have actual fights under their belt. They were all very nice and encouraging. I paired up with the instructor to practice some moves so she could assess me. After we went through a few drills ( I had to punch and kick her in the stomach- ouch) We did some sparring. When I partnered up, I was allowed to hit them, but they couldn't hit me. It's funny because I went to see a kick boxing tournement at this gym a year and a half ago. There was a woman who was fighting, who totally inspired me. She was bigger (totally fit, and not fat, but tall and strong) and she wasn't really young. Watching her, I thought hey maybe I can do this... She really, really inspired me. Yesterday, she joined the class and I got to spar against her. It was funny, because before we started our sparring session, she asked me what made me want to start kick boxing.... I told her she did and explained that I had seen her fight and she inspired me.... It was pretty cool that I got to fight her in my first class!

Today - I am going boxing. This has been an awesome week exercise wise, and food wise as well. My back and legs are feeling so much better and I feel like I'm back on track.... finally

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Trying a new gym

off to a new gym this morning to try a kick boxing class. It's a womans only class at a martial arts training centre. I am nervous because I don't know what to expect but my personal trainer assures me that it is a beginners class and I will not have to much difficulty with it..... I'm not so sure. Getting back to Sunday boxing this weekend as well after a few month hiatis, so I am excited to get back out there. Things are going well, I feel more fit and my weight is starting to slowly creep down again.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Can I get an Amen...

One thing that I talk about alot is my back issues. Degenerative disc desease and all of the problems that have arisen because of this. I have a visable curve in my spine, people always comment that my body is twisted, and most recently my personal trainer advised me that one leg appears to be longer than the other- which appeared to be throwing my hips out of alignment. He recommended I see a Chiropractor who would probably prescribe a shoe insert to level out the length of my legs. Now, I am terrified of the Chiropractor and have avoided going for years and years. The thought of having bones cracked (especially in my back which I have protected for the last 25 years) just made me break out in a cold sweat. BUT, the thought of finding a solution to my back issues made me overlook my fear and make an appointment. My first appointment was last Wednesday.... Within 10 minutes of assessing me, the Dr. who is awesome, advised that my legs are the same length, the problem is that my pelvis is torqued. The left side is higher than the right, pushed further to the front of my body than the right, and the left side is twisted as well. Ouch.... he has now done two treatments-not using manipulation, but by using a tool that looks like a big sander, which is powerful beyong belief, and is run over my back, buttocks, hips and legs. I could actually feel the muscles relax. I'm now 3 sessions into treatment and feeling so much better. My body is responding very well to the treatments. The best part is that the treatment is for 6 weeks. I have been told that in 6 weeks, I will see a HUGE difference in the way I feel physically, and how I perform in the gym. I will be stronger, will have more endurance and will be able to work out harder. I am so pleased with this news. I am trying to just take it a step at a time and not think about the fact that there is a possibility - after 25 years of pain - that I could be "fixed" in a few weeks. My prayers have been answered. Can I get an Amen indeed!