Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Still here

Well I'm still here. I've been having issues signing into my home computer which has now been fixed... The good news is I'm still doing decent. I ended the juice only fast because lets face it, I was eating a meal in the evening anyways, so why continue to call it a juice only fast! 

My weigh in last night at the gym was 249.6, down from 256 on January 1.  Not the fantastic numbers I was hoping for, but my weight is going down nonetheless.  I have also been working very hard at the gym....3 nights a week with a personal trainer, and two or three workouts on my own.  So my goal weight for January 31 is to get down to 244.6 which is a 5lb weight loss in the next two weeks.  Absolutely do- able.... and I WILL do it.

Waiting to get a few pictures from the gym last night.  I am now bench pressing 155- 160 lbs... The first time I did 150 I asked my trainer if that was good and he yelled out to my 47 year old female self "Dude, there is not another girl in this entire gym who could lift that much...... well maybe one girl but she's only 22".  This last week, he added these huge thick chains to either side of the barbell and I did a crazy set. I asked him to take a photo because most people I know would never believe that I can do this. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LEARNING THAT I AM CAPABLE OF SO MUCH MORE THAN I GIVE MYSELF CREDIT FOR 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday check in.

Was feeling slightly better yesterday but I did slip up a bit.

Juice for breakfast lunch and afternoon snack, and then a slight setback.... tilapia for dinner (2 oz) and then I saw a French stick of bread in the freezer and before I knew it I had cut off a piece (about 1/9 of the entire loaf), threw it into the microwave and heated it up, then put a half a teaspoon of butter on it!  The worst part is I went back and had a second piece, about the same size!  Not beating myself up over this though,  going to just move forward.

Worked. t with my personal trainer last night. It was tough..... I warmed up for 15 minutes on the elliptical and then boxed for 60 minutes..... I weighed in afterwards, and was down 2.5lbs from my New Years day weight.  I stepped on my home scale this morning(yep, still have it) and I seem to be down four pounds from my weight yesterday???? Yes today I WILL throw out this scale. Need to stop with the mind games

Feeling ok otherwise..... feeling good about my progress so far . Today and tomorrow will be my biggest test since it's the weekend.... I will need to keep myself busy in order to keep myself away from the kitchen....

I know this is going to get better... I am keeping my eye on the prized - increased energy, and a smaller ass!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2 Juice

feel like ASS today - major headache. Had 3 juices throughout the day, and a piece of tilapia for dinner....

My head is pounding and if the MOFO's who live upstairs don't shut the fuck up, I'm going to go up there and throttle the fuck out of them.

Scale is still in the kitchen......
No workout today........

Hope tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1 - And so it begins

Goals for day 1:

- throw out my scale.
- get to the gym and do an official weigh in on their scale- DONE
- 1 hour of cardio- DONE
- 4 juice drinks tomorrow
- 8 cups of water or equivalent (green tea)
- take official "before pictures" DONE

Day 1 review:

So I was up early this morning and at the gym at about 9a.m.  It's funny because I have been going to this gym for 4 years now yet I still felt a bit awkward going there Jan1 - sort of the token fat girl starting a resolution AGAIN.  Anyway I shook it off and did an hour of cardio on the elliptical. 

I did my weigh in when I got there.. from now on I will only weigh in on this scale.  I used to weigh in with a -2lb for clothing, but I haven't been entering it for a while so when I post I will post two weights- one actual number on the scale, and two with a clothing deduction. 

Starting weight:  256

with clothing deduction: 254. 

So there it is. I am going to do everything in my power for the next month to see that number come down and everything in my power to get to my goal of 180lbs by June....

Will come back and post later once I have gotten rid of my scale and done my before pics. I took some but they are not very clear.

Here are my official starting pictures.  I currently wear a size 16 - 18 pants and an extra large or 1x top, and have been working out consistently for 4 years so I have built muscle under all the fat! 

Here is a picture from my original start..... I was 278.6 and was totally unfit