Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mountain bike riding

Had a great day out on the trails yesterday and my friend was able to video tape me on some of the trails so I could document my progress.... In my head I think I look like the female equivalent of Lance Armstrong out there but ummm reality check - lol
No matter though, I know that 90 % of my friends big or small would be able to conquer the trails that I hit - and that make me proud of my accomplishment - and from the neck up I look fricken amazing hahaha

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The dreaded day had arrived

Tomorrow is my last day of personal training. I have been working with my trainer B.J for 3 years now it all comes to an end tomorrow.

I have been really struggling all weekend. He has become like a little brother to me, and cannot imagine not having him there beside me pushing me, calming me down, and instilling confidence in me.

I will have to take a look back at the changes I have made over the three years. I think part of me feels like I have failed both myself and him because I am still overweight, but I know that I am truly a different person today that I was 3 years ago - in so many ways.

I have asked to do a boxing workout tomorrow because that truly has become my love, and I plan on joining another boxing/martial arts club in a month or so to continue boxing.

UPDATE: Just as I was sending this my trainer texted me and I have decided to bite the bullet and go ahead with two more months of training. I will have to really cut back on other areas of my life to afford to do this, but I know it's not my time to stop yet. I am going to continue to do ther group fitness classes and really up the calorie burn. My food intake needs to be kicked into high gear as well. First stop- my morning coffee - I've slipped back into putting cream and sugar in it.... I just dumped the remainder of the cream down the sink..... I'm done with that shit....... I have two final months and I have to make them count...... I think my motto is going to be try try try again.....