Monday, March 28, 2011

Toronto Juno awards

So yesterday afternoon, I found myself standing outside of the ACC in downtown Toronto. My Niece was part of a flash mob that took part in a red carpet performance by Shawn Desmond (I think that's his name). So it was freezing cold and I stood there with my sister for about 4.5 hours we had a laugh and a half. Plus we saw some great Canadian music icons. I only knew the old peeps though.... Getty Lee and Alex Lifeson from Rush, Bareneaked Ladies, Neil Young, Blue Rodeo, Brian Adams all passed withing 20feet of me.... I even managed to lock eyes with Drake - lol

Here is my Juno picture:

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tales from the gym.

today I was doing a new weightlifting move. I have attached a video of me doing the easier version. When I hit the floor, my knees are on the floor and I push out in front of me. After doing this 20 times, my trainer asked me to do an advanced version, so when you get to the ground you don't put your knees on the floor, you just push out into a push up position, then actually do a push up. So I tried it once, did it well, got a little cocky, and then it happened. I was doing good until my arms got sore, and when I got into the push out position on the floor, my arms got tangled under my body, my hip bone got smashed into the dumbell and my legs went flying in the air, and I did a face plant. In fact I think I have rug burn on my cheek.... I think I'm too old for this shit! haha

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dinner Challenge

Out tonight with some girls from work and I was a bit worried about trying to find something low carb. I ended up having a brutal day, missed breakfast, had a tiny Greek salad and a piece of salmon for lunch, so I wasn't too worried about dinner. I ended up getting a lunch item (enchaladas, with black beans, chicken, cheese) and a small side salad, oh and a margarita....(lol, it was cheap margarita night) Not really a low carb night, but I was still within my points and didn't leave feeling bloated and gross either. Now I have no dinners for the next few weeks, yay.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Workout pictures

I have been wanting to get some photos of my workouts, but have not been able to get any... until now that is. My trainer took some pics of me doing TRX training. I should add that in the push up position, I actually had to do pushups, and in the other position I was doing rows.... really tough, but a great workout. Notice how hight the bar is off of the ground. It was hard just to get up into that position, harder to hold the position, and crazy hard to do a push up

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pre-cooked meals-

I have come to the conclusion, (ok so maybe I have finally admitted to myself, that I am lazy when it comes to meals). I live alone so it's not like anyone else is depending on me for dinner. On top of that I don't get home from work until 7:00, and I'm just not going to get started on preparing a fresh, healthy dinner. I have been struggling to try and change my habits, but it has been leading to failure more often than not.

The last few weeks I am trying a different approach. I basically have been spending most of Sunday shopping for ingredients and preparing meals for the week. For now it feels right. It's nice to not have to think about food all week long. I make 2 main dishes and 1 breakfast choice and then just swap it out all week.

This weekend I made a baked pesto chicken (a bit high in points, but good), breakfast casserole(in the oven right now), a big Greek salad, and one more entre yet to be determined. I am doing a two week detox from carbs, so there are no carbs in my diet this week.

Here is the breakfast casserole:

And here is the pesto chicken:

Hopefully this will make things a bit easier, all I have to do is grab and go, no thought required :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Boo :)

Wow time sure does fly.

Time has certainly gotten away from me these last few months. I started a new job at work (covering a mat leave for 1 year) which I absolutely love but it has taken up a lot of time and energy. I realized that I started putting less time into ME and putting too much time into work.

My diet has been a bit unrestricted over the last few months. Last week I had a weigh in at the gym and weighed in at 240, so I while I haven't made any progress, at least I have remained the same weight wise. I have continued to work out hard and have fallen into a routine of working out for two hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, sleeping in on Tuesday and Thursday and then getting in some sort of activity at least one day on the weekend. This has been working for me so far.

I have officially signed up for a sprint triathlon on September 4 of this year. Swim- 750m, bike 20k, run 5k..... I am going to try to put as much effort into training for this as I have put into my job for the last 3 months.

I will try and post more often. I know I always do better when I am posting.