Sunday, August 2, 2015

Happy Birthday to me.,

Well I have not been posting for a bit, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working at this weight loss thing. 

Hmmm I think the biggest thing is that I've started doing psychotherapy with hypnosis mixed in.   This is the same person who helped me get my journey started almost 7 years ago when I was hypnotized to quit smoking.  What I didn't imagine was that this is try therapy, and most of what we talk about and focus on has nothing at all to do with food and eating.  It has to do with the reasons that I turn to food. So far so good.

Today is my 49th birthday, and for some reason the big 5-0 is looming large in my head.  My goal for this year is to make this the BEST year ever, and really do all kinds of crazy fun and exciting and adventurous things.  The other part is that I want to make this the year that I either make my dreams come true and realize my goals or make the decision to be happy with me the way I am right now.

Just a few goals for the year:

- FAST FOOD-  No fast food for the year.  I will give myself a buffer of 3 meals for the year
- WEIGHT LOSS - I will be at my goal weight of 160 by my birthday next year.
-FITNESS - I will have the strong athletic body that I have always desired by my next birthday
-CONFIDENCE - I will wear a bikini next May on my trip to the Caribbean.
-LOVE- will take the time required to explore relationships and find the man of my dreams

Lastly, I want to try new things, enjoy good friends and just enjoy my life....