Sunday, August 12, 2012

Clawing my way back onto the wagon

"getting back on the wagon" - a phrase I use often and generally leaves me feeling like a bit of a failure.  I am removing this term from my vocabulary stat. I prefer to think that while I have tried to eat healthy in the last few months, I know there is much room for improvement.  I am going to work on making small changes and see if I can kickstart my weight loss again.

My goal is to be in a size 14 when I do my fall clothing shopping next month.  I am currently wearing a 16 but my clothes are starting to feel a bit tight.  My weight is up to 250lbs from my lowest of 235, so I have some work to do. 

Goals for tomorrow:

-be at the gym for 6 a.m. and get at least 20 minutes run/walk cycle in prior to doing weights with my trainer.
- get back to the gym in the evening for a step class - this will be my first time doing it, so I won't be at full throttle, but at least I will be moving.
- track all food on myfitness pal
- make sure to drink 8 glasses of water minimum.

I will be back to make new goals tomorrow and to see how I did on the aforementioned goals.