Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Whole 30 - day 3

Well last night was brutal. By 8 p.m. I could barely keep my eyes open..  Crawled into bed and slept through until about 5 a.m this morning.  I noticed that I jumped out of bed easily and with no pain.  Normally my hip, back, legs, and feet, ache when I get up in the morning, but today I felt great.  Not sure if this is from removing carbs, or it was just a fluke today, but I'll take it.

Was definitely feeling cranky today.  Had a huge blowout with one of the lawyers I work with.  (a blow out for me = a difference of opinion, and my sending to the point emails).  But one thing that struck me is that I am feeling anxiety symptoms.  I was off on stress leave last year and did not know the signs, but now I do.  I am a stress eater and I have been relieving that stress with food.  Now that I cannot turn to food, I wonder if that is why I am having symptoms.  My face became flushed, hot sweats (which may actually be menopause).  Need to really pay attention to this, it could be that I need to find other ways to cope so that the stress doesn't manifest itself physically.

Anyway, I am eating well, trying new recipes (made homemade ranch dip, mayo, and almond butter - yup I am turning into Martha freaking Stewart.... lol

I started taking daily selfies as a way to document the good, days, the bad days and the horrific days.  lol so I will post them on this blog so I can look back on them.

Hardest parts so far:  No milk in my coffee,  trying to get over the old way of thinking... healthy fat is not bad.  You need to eat larger meals to make sure you don't snack.  You only eat 3 meals a day.

Here are yesterday, and todays photos

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